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Garage doors are machines. Without a garage door, your garage would be nothing by a three sided room outside your house. You won’t get to park your vehicle in a safe place and they will be susceptible to theft, damage and other perils. Most garage doors today, are automatic, courtesy of garage door openers, the electrical component that responds to the garage door remote and lifts or lowers the garage door. Garage door openers are prone to damage and are capable or seizing without warning and leave you in a fix. Luckily, we, Garage Door Repair Long Beach, CA could fix you right up.

An In-depth Look at Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are primarily of three types; screw drive garage door openers, belt drive garage openers and chain drive garage door openers. The difference between the three types lies in the amount of noise they make when you operate the door. Chain drive makes the most amount of noise, screw drive creates the second most amount of noise and belt drive creates the least amount of noise. The price varies accordingly. Garage door openers are prone to wiring, motherboard, and battery etc., related damage. Among the few variants of garage door openers are wireless key openers.

When a garage door opener stops operating to its full capacity, you will likely notice one or more of these things:

  • The garage does not respond to your commands at all
  • The garage door seldom responds to your commands
  • The garage door opener is working but has no effect on the door
  • The garage door opener light is not working
  • The garage door opener is visible damages
  • The garage door shuts quickly with a bang
  • The garage door shuts and opens sluggishly

When you notice any of the above mentioned signs, we suggest you give us a call. We will deem if it’s best to fix the garage door opener or to replace it altogether. On that note, here’s a little more on us.

Info on Garage Door Repair Long Beach, CA

When it comes to garage doors, especially crucial parts like the opener, you need a professional company like us to look into all the repair and replacement related tasks. We are considered garage door repair experts by our customers which is evident through our huge customer base. If the garage door opener is not installed properly, it will come undone soon, again and the whole exercise would be futile. In addition, as a paying homeowner, you should have the right to choose from a wide variety of garage door openers; the kind that we can offer. Our garage door openers are from the top reigning manufacturers in the business, which includes the likes of Amarr, C.H.I., Clopay, Midland, Northwest Door, Raynor, Wayne Dalton, Liftmaster, Sears and so on.

Why Choose Us

We are family owned and operated garage door opener repair company that values the buck of every customer that comes to us. We put customer satisfaction above everything else and do whatever we can do ensure you are completely happy with our services. We don’t believe in guesswork, we always know what we are doing and have the training, experience and equipment to back up our resolve. We call before arriving and clean up before leaving; things you can’t always expect your local garage door opener repair company to take care of. We even let you book an appointment on your terms. Take a look at the other key advantages you get when you bring business to us:

  • Same day garage door opener repair/replacement
  • Availability on the weekends
  • Availability on public holidays
  • 24/7 availability
  • Lifetime warranty with garage door openers
  • Emergency services
  • Special Offers
  • Professional staff that serves you with a smile
  • Wide variety of garage door openers to choose from

We also offer these services

Apart from garage door opener repair, we also repair and replace other garage door  parts including cables, hinges, rollers, and panels, remote and so on. We also offer these garage door services:

  • Garage door maintenance
  • Garage door installation
  • Garage door inspection
  • Garage door spare parts

Contact Us

In order to get in touch with us to hire us or to bring any other queries to us, all you need to do is send us a mail or call us using the information given at the bottom. Feel free to call us absolutely any time of the day and any day of the year. Before you call us though, we urge you to go through our special offers; they will allow you to avail our services at discounted prices. We wish to hear from you soon.